5 Reasons For Foot Arch Pain

Foot arch pain is a widespread ailment, partly due to the pressure exerted on our feet, especially if we spend much time on our feet. This is because the muscles and tendons that support the foot arches must work hard to stabilise the foot and can rapidly get fatigued, resulting in foot discomfort.

Now let’s examine the most prevalent causes of pain in the foot arches and how they manifest, and then we’ll discuss how to treat them.

1. Plantar Fasciitis

By far, the most prevalent cause of foot arch discomfort is plantar fasciitis. This is where the thick band under the foot has been damaged.

Plantar fasciitis typically develops due to changed foot biomechanics, bone spurs, and muscle tightness. It frequently affects persons who spend extended periods on their feet or suddenly increase their level of exercise.

Plantar fasciitis is characterised by arch discomfort in the heel that is worst in the morning and at an initial activity. The soreness beneath the foot arch often lessens with movement but will worsen with excessive exercise.

2. Foot Cramps

Cramping is another typical cause of foot arch discomfort. Nighttime foot cramps afflict a number of adults over the age of 60.

Foot cramps are abrupt, severe, and uncontrolled muscle spasms lasting from a few seconds to many hours. They cause severe, excruciating pain in the calf, toe, and foot arch, as well as muscular spasms and toe curling.

Dehydration, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, muscular tension, exhaustion, nerve injury, or poor circulation may cause foot arch cramps.

3. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is one of the rarer reasons for foot arch discomfort, produced by pressure on the tibial nerve as it passes through the tarsal tunnel.

Any abnormality in the tarsal tunnel, such as bone spurs, oedema, or cysts, can compress the nerve and create discomfort under the foot arch.

Symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome include discomfort in the foot’s inner arch, pins and needles, and numbness.

4. Flat Feet

Individuals with flat feet frequently experience inner arch discomfort. Flat feet occur as the foot arches collapse, causing the sole of the foot to descend.

Some people are born with flat feet, but the condition can also develop during pregnancy, following a foot injury, when the feet are subjected to severe stress, or as we age.

Falling foot arches can cause foot tiredness, soreness in the foot arch, back pain and knee pain, cramping in the foot arch, and make it difficult to push up onto your toes, which can alter your gait.

5. Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Often, discomfort in the foot’s inner arch is caused by inflammation and degeneration of the posterior tibialis tendon. The Tibialis posterior is a crucial muscle, and its tendon is vital in maintaining the foot arches.

Tibialis posterior tendonitis is typically caused by overuse during high-impact activities, such as tennis or soccer, or by accident, such as a fall.

Pain in the foot arch and around the ankle, collapse of the medial foot arch, and difficulty standing on tiptoes are typical signs of posterior tibial tendonitis.

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