Here Are Steps to Take When Denied Child Visitation or Custody

When children are involved in a divorce, you either get visitation rights or joint or full custody based on how the case goes. However, your ex-spouse may refuse to cooperate and deny you the right to visitation or custody of your kids. The court may even deny you custody and visitation, which can be one of the most hurtful things. However, you can take steps to get your children back without causing any trouble. Here is what you need to do.

Stay Calm

Losing your kids can weigh heavily, but you should not panic. It is understandable to grieve but not let it drive you into a panic. You have the chance to change things, which is why you need to stay calm to find ways of doing it the right way. Clear your head and come up with a reasonable plan.

Get an Experienced Lawyer

People getting custody of their children work with experienced lawyers. Therefore, you will need a lawyer you know has handled such cases and helped other people get custody. The lawyer will help you understand the situation and give you a detail of your rights. They will also help you find solutions and proof that you can be a good parent to your kids. Find a lawyer by checking reviews to see what other people say. For example, check Catherine Haber lawyer reviews to see how she has helped other people with similar problems.

Assess the Situation

Before you bring back the case, you need to evaluate the situation to see if you have something different to provide. Understand the reasons why you were denied custody or visitation. It could be because your ex-spouse falsely accused you or failed a drug test. Once you know the issues, you can start resolving them.

Obey the Court Orders

Even as you seek justice, it is important that you meet court requirements. The court may instruct you on improving your lifestyle to get your children back. Therefore, do everything you can to prove you are better than before. Take parenting classes, mental care, anger management classes, etc. It will show you have stepped into making things better for your kids. Arguing the court will not change your situation, and you will only seem unstable. The best thing to do is to work hard to meet these orders and prove to the court that you also have your children’s best interests at heart.

Be Patient

Changing the ruling of the court will take time. Remember, you need to convince the judge to change their mind, which does not happen overnight. So, be patient and stay committed to being a good parent. You must be a good parent even after getting the kids back. Therefore, do this for yourself and the kids. Never miss a birthday. Visit and talk to your kids often. Be there for them when they need you.


You should do these crucial things to gain custody and visitation rights. Most importantly, find a lawyer with years of experience to help you.

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